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Shokay x UPW: Creating Yarns and Preserving Farms

At Shokay, we believe in the power of collaboration. We know it takes more than just one person or brand to ignite change or spread a message. It requires a tribe of like-minded individuals and corporations with a shared goal.

That's why when we connected with UPW, we felt like we met our match. Not only would our soft, warm, and sustainable yak wool reach more incredible businesses, but together, we would also create tremendous change along the way

Who is UPW?

Since its establishment in 1984, UPW has been a trailblazer in luxury and sustainable fibres. With their unwavering commitment to offering better, more sustainable fashion options, they offer 1000s of sustainable yarn options in an incredible range of colours.

So when we had the chance to shout about the yak from the UPW rooftop, we couldn’t refuse.

But their vision extends beyond great products; they are fellow advocates for environmental responsibility and sustainability. With every decision and policy, UPW treads lightly upon the Earth, ensuring a better future for generations.

They recognised the luxury of our quality fibres and our unwavering commitment to social and environmental initiatives.

Convenience Meets Innovation:

UPW is the go-to source for quick and easy sampling when supplying our yak yarns. With a minimum order quantity of just 1 kg per colour, they've mastered the art of efficient and convenient stock service.

UPW has unleashed their online store, where you can check stock availability in real-time, pick your materials on the spot, and snag the latest and greatest of Shokay yak yarns. Everything you need for a beautifully soft yak collection is at your fingertips!

Collaboration = Change:

Like us, UPW isn’t all about yarn. They’re about making a real impact. That's why our partnership with UPW goes beyond the fibres.

Our Grassland Regeneration Program was born with one noble mission: to make the Tibetan region greener. Over the years, some areas of the once-lush grasslands on the plateau have been slowly fading away, leaving herders with a grass shortage and diminished income.

Since 2021, we've donated 1% of our yearly revenue to the local community, helping them acquire the tools to restore the greenery.

UPW jumped on board, matching our 1% donation from their yearly yak yarn income. Together, we're proving that collaboration can change lives. It's a reminder that there's always room for everybody, and when we unite, we can move mountains (and make them greener!)

What's Coming Up for Fall 2024?

Shokay and UPW have teamed up to bring you a fall 2024 yarn collection to revolutionise your upcoming launch. We share with you an unparalleled selection of yak wool yarns and a range of colour cards to ensure something for everybody.

These fabulous yarns are all set to be part of our stock service, tailor-made to keep your customers cosy during those chilly months.

Available for stock service, these launches were crafted with the chilly months in mind.

Here’s what’s coming up:

Remember, the partnership between Shokay and UPW isn't just about yarn; it's about unleashing the potential of collaboration. Together, we're revolutionising the fashion industry, transforming lives, and helping the yak leave their mark on the world.

So, join us on this remarkable journey as we weave together innovation, compassion, and creativity.


Warmer than cashmere. Softer than wool. Sustainably sourced. 

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