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Shokay's commitment to economic and environmental sustainability has been a core part of our ethos since 2006. Our model of promoting the sustainable use of yak fiber in the textiles & fashion industry links closely to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) put forth by the United Nations. Our community development programs over the last 15 years have focused on education, empowerment, and environment. 


We have committed the last 15 years towards driving systemic change for the yak wool industry.


Yaks are considered an asset for Tibetan families and represents their wealth. Each family on average has 60 yaks. Some families have 200-300 yaks. 


We source from Tibet, Qinghai, and Sichuan. 3,300 families are part of the Shokay yak fiber supply chain.


Over 800 herders in Qinghai have benefitted from Shokay’s health care programs, which has included health care training, free clinic, and giving out free eye glasses.


The price of yak fiber have increased 5X over the years as a result of Shokay's investment in product development


Over 50 women have participated in our knitting and spinning cooperatives in Chongming and Qinghai.  

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