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2018 年,我們推出了 Shokay Lab,這是一個由志同道合的品牌、設計師、零售商和製造商組成的社區,他們共同努力創造可持續製造的精美產品。


Research Group

HKRITA is the premier R&D centre for textiles and clothing in Hong Kong. Shokay worked with HKRITA to establish fundamental research for yak wool and innovated on production methods for worsted yarns. The project won the Geneva Invention Convention Award with jury distinction.


Research Group

ICIMOD is a unique intergovernmental institution leading the global effort to protect the Hindu Kush Himalayan Region and the people, resources and culture that define it.


Spinning Mill

UPW is a leading spinner that supports one of the world’s most respected brands and retailers with high quality yarns and stock service. UPW has a strong commitment to sustainability, with an emphasis on responsibly sourced natural fibers. Shokay is UPW's exclusive supplier for yak wool. Both Shokay and UPW commit 1% of our revenues from the joint collection towards a Community Development Fund that gives back to the local communities that we source from.

Hemp Fortex

Fabric Mill

Hemp Fortex is a textile mill based in Qingdao that is committed to creating high quality, sustainable fabrics using natural materials. Shokay is Hemp Fortex's exclusive yak wool supplier and work together to develop beautiful fabrics for brands & designers.

Yu Yuang

Fabric Mill

Yu Yuang is a leading Taiwanese fabric mill known for its high performance fabrics. Yu Yuang has manufacturing facilities across Asia and works closely with sports brands to develop unique fabrics. Shokay is Yu Yuang's exclusive yak wool supplier and works together to develop high-performance fabrics that include yak blends.


Garment Manufacturer

Sabrina is an innovative garment manufacturer that supplies to the world's top sports and yoga brands. Shokay is Sabrina's exclusive yak wool supplier and works together to develop yak wool garments suitable for outdoor wear.

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