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Frank And Oak once again partnered with Shokay and UPW to join Shokay's Sustainability Program as part of the brand's pledge to Inspire Better Living. For the 2022 FW Yak Wool Collection, Frank And Oak will feature 10 styles knit with a luxurious blend of yak wool and merino wool. 1% of the proceeds from this Collection will be given to Shokay's Grassland Conservation Program in the Himalaya highlands. Last year, $15,000 was raised by our partnership to rent equipment, plant seeds, and provide meals for local herders. The program is verified by VeChain to ensure a fully traceable supply chain on a blockchain system.

Raw Materials
RWS Certified Wool
The wool in this garment is sourced and certified by the Responsible Wool Standard (RWS). The framework of the RWS standard advocates for animal welfare and land preservation in the shepherd industry, embracing the 5 provisions: nutrition, good environment, good health, appropriate behavior, and positive mental experiences.
Shokay Responsible Yak Wool
Yaks are majestic animals that dwell in the Himalayan regions. Its unique composition allows the animals to survive harsh weather conditions. Yak down is 30% warmer than wool and 1.6x more breathable than cashmere – resulting in unbeatable warmth and a luxurious hand feel. Shokay sources yak fiber directly from Tibetan communities, enabling them to earn a sustainable income.
Traceability Information

Shokay Responsible Wool

Shokay is a sustainable textiles company best known for using yak wool to develop premium products, from fiber to finished garments. We have built a fully traceable supply chain over the last 15 years by sourcing directly from Tibetan herders and partnering with like-minded manufacturers along the supply chain. 


UPW Sustainable Yarns

UPW is amongst the largest woollen spinners in the world, specializing in design-led, sustainable yarns. UPW scales the adoption of premium certified raw materials, including traceable yak and responsibly sourced RWS wool that is traceable back to the country of origin. UPW continues to search for innovative technologies and materials that enable us to be a clean manufacturer, early adopter, and industry leader in sustainable spinning.


South Ocean Knitting

South Ocean is one of the distinctive knitwear teams under Cobalt knitwear. At South Ocean, execution counts. We've been working with brands and retailers around the world since 1976. Quality is something we just don't compromise on.

About the Brand

Frank And Oak is a sustainable apparel brand based in Montreal.


We believe in considering the impact of the choices we make every day and view those choices as an opportunity to better ourselves. Our purpose is to Inspire a Better way of Living by creating conscious products that last through time. By marrying innovation with eco-friendly processes, we strive to help shape a cleaner, healthier, and more mindful world where human progress is in harmony with the planet's well-being.

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